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Review: Scent of Lavender - Part Two: Scent of Love Series - Book Oneby Bronte Nottingham

What will Lucas do to get Maddie back? Does Mark manage to get in the way again? Will Maddie’s fears and insecurities keep her from actually experiencing everything that Lucas has to offer her? Will Maddie finally open up and share her past and how it has colored her present fears regarding relationships? Is Maddie willing to face her fears and move forward and is Lucas able to get over the pain he caused his first wife? Is Lucas willing to take a chance on the man he is now and not the country star who was consumed by his career? Will Lucas be willing to give up his anonymity and reveal the secret that he has held dear for so long about Luke to the rest of the world just to keep Maddie safe?

Who is stalking Maddie? Will Maddie, Lucas, Rick, Neil, and the rest of the family find out who is stalking her in enough time to save her? Exactly how far is this psychotic and unstable woman willing to go to keep Luke to herself? Can Lucas protect Maddie from this crazed stalker or will she protect herself? Is there anywhere that Maddie will be safe from this woman and her irrational belief that Luke is hers and hers alone? Is Maddie willing to fight for Lucas and their budding relationship or will her fears send her running away again or something far worse? Sometimes your fears about losing someone you love deeply can cause the greatest grief to those you love. But sometimes the strongest person is the one least expected to face their fears and make that walk through the fire for a love they never thought they would find.

Get prepared for the second half of Maddie and Lucas’s story.

This story is for 18+ readers only.

Part Two has intensely graphic sex scenes between a couple who have decided to let go of their inhibitions with a little chocolate cake (and of course, some milk), a little dancing, the strategic use of a kitchen table, some really incredible lingerie, and scarves. There is also the graphic retelling of sexual molestation by the heroine, which is central to her story and character background. If you are an incest or molestation survivor, this part of the story may be difficult for you. There is also a psychotic stalker after the heroine – just for kicks and because nothing in life can be easy when you fall in love and the whole world is watching.
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Jenny's Review
Bronte Nottingham continues the story of Maddie and Lucas in Part 2 of Scent of Lavender and she did not disappoint. We continue to see Maddie and Lucas grow as a couple and also grow within themselves. It was truly amazing to read. Some of the things that Maddie has gone through would've dropped most people to their knees and mad them give up hope but you see what amazing strength and courage she have, especially dealing with a psycho stalker (and the woman is grade-A certifiable crazy) who is out the destroy her. And lets not forget about Lucas. The man is determine to show Maddie all the love that she deserve and he does a fine job of it. His faith and love for her is awe-inspiring. With Lucas' faith and love for Maddie, she is able to open herself up in a way that she was never able to do. At times, it made me wish for my own personal Lucas. The sex scenes between Maddie and Lucas, I mean, if my kindle burst into flames while reading it, i would know why. They were H.O.T!!!!!!!

Bronte Nottingham is an amazing writer and you can tell that she invested a lot of time to tell Maddie and Lucas' story. It was great. I took my time reading the book because I just didn't want it to end. But when I finally finished, I had a huge smile on my face and just wanted to start it all over again. This story is about love, second chances, opening yourself and at the end of it loving who you are. If you don't read Bronte's book, you are really missing out on something truly amazing.

                                                                   About the Author
I'm an eccentric person according to my friends and family. I love history, and doing family history research. I'm the computer geek in my family. I love to read, write, and photography.

My music tastes run across the board, so do my reading and movie tastes. However, I am partial to Disney movies, esp. those old 60s-70s ones like Pete's Dragon, North Avenue Irregulars, Apple Dumpling Gang, Ugly Dachshund, and Freaky Friday. I guess if I was completely honest, then I would admit that I'm a Disney geek.

I have a grown daughter and was your typical nerdy band girl in high school. I live by myself and it's nice to finally be able to write down and put out the stories that I have carried around in my overactive imagination for years. It's nice to share them with others and I hope you enjoy them.

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