Meet The Chicks

Meet the Chicks


My name is Jenny and I'm obsess with books. When I was younger, I would use my allowance to buy new books. There's nothing better than reading a book that will make you think, make you feel a connection with the characters and make you feel a roller coaster of emotions. 

I love all books but I'm drawn to romance, historical and contemporary, YA, and new adults. I hope when you read my reviews that you will get a sense of who I am and find a new book that will stay with you.


Hello Everyone and thanks for checking out our blog.  My mother tells me that I started reading books at 2 years old and I haven't stopped since.  My interests change all the time from autobiographies, poetry, classics, Greek mythology, cook books, period romance novels, adult literature, sci-fi, fantasy, self-help, finance books and everything in between.  My favorite book of all time is Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman but Breaking Dawn hits at a very close second.   

I like to keep things pretty frugal so I frequent the free book bins and library for my reading addiction.  If it's free and looks halfway interesting, I'll read it.  On the same note, I am happy to pay full price for series that I am a fan of, including the Harry Potter series, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, Game of Thrones series, Twilight series, etc.  

I hope to share my current reading list and reviews with anyone interested.  My reviews will be honest and true to my feelings at the time - no fluff!

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