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Review: Take Me...Tonight by Alycia Futuero

Have you ever met that sexy, hot man who raises your blood pressure with one look and just makes you want to be a very bad girl? What happens when one married woman meets that one man who makes her forget her daily life and all its responsibilities and brings out her hidden naughty side?

This is the story of Laire and the last night of her business trip for an educational conference that takes her out of her high-powered and hectic life as a university president, wife, and mother. She spends so much time making all the vital and necessary decisions that affect an entire university community and being everything to everyone else that she has no time to be the part of herself that she’s always wanted to explore.

Walking into the hotel bar changes her perspective when she sees sexy, masculine Jonathan, who has also been attending the same conference and saw what he wanted the moment he saw her there. When Jonathan offers to buy her a drink, she throws caution to the wind, deciding to forget her responsibilities and need for control for just one night, and hand herself over to this man who makes her want to see what it would be like to be the naughty bad girl she’s always fantasized about being. Can Jonathan help Laire to see that sometimes being bad is just so good?

This story very erotic and is for 18+ readers only.

This is a short little erotic novella with very intense, graphic and descriptive sex scenes designed to raise your libido and make you want to go find your man and make him very happy! Men like to watch porn. This little book is for women who prefer to read their porn and use their own imaginations to paint the pictures for them. I like to call it word porn. So enjoy a little word porn and have fun!

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Jenny's Review
***Received copy for honest review***


Take me....tonight by Alycia Futuero packs a lot of hot sex in this quick novella. The story draws you in from the first page. I mean, who wouldn't want to meet a handsome stranger and have one night of hot, anonymous sex? And this story had a lot of my fantasies and then some. :::fan self:::. The ending was something I didn't see coming but thoroughly enjoyed. If you looking for a story that will literally have you changing your underwear after reading, get this book!!!!!

About the Author
I'm a woman and I have no problems saying that I enjoy sex and everything that goes with it. My books are about those relationships where couples explore their sexuality, and all the things that go with that, together. Sex is play time. Play time is for fun. So, if anything, sex should be fun.
I spent a part of my life not knowing or exploring the fun side of sex. Now, I appreciate what that brings to my life and how important that connection to my partner is. There is nothing more intimate than sex. Take the time to let your partner see and enjoy a side of you that no one else has the opportunity to see. Open your mind to the fun side of sex, you never know what you might find out about yourself and your partner. I promise you will be happy, you made that choice and I know for a fact, your partner will be happy as well.
I have an imaginative and creative mind and enjoy exploring where it takes me through my writing. I love to write and enjoy the people, I have come into contact with through my research and writing. You know who you are. :)

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Scent of Lavender - Part Two: Scent of Love Series - Book Oneby Bronte Nottingham

What will Lucas do to get Maddie back? Does Mark manage to get in the way again? Will Maddie’s fears and insecurities keep her from actually experiencing everything that Lucas has to offer her? Will Maddie finally open up and share her past and how it has colored her present fears regarding relationships? Is Maddie willing to face her fears and move forward and is Lucas able to get over the pain he caused his first wife? Is Lucas willing to take a chance on the man he is now and not the country star who was consumed by his career? Will Lucas be willing to give up his anonymity and reveal the secret that he has held dear for so long about Luke to the rest of the world just to keep Maddie safe?

Who is stalking Maddie? Will Maddie, Lucas, Rick, Neil, and the rest of the family find out who is stalking her in enough time to save her? Exactly how far is this psychotic and unstable woman willing to go to keep Luke to herself? Can Lucas protect Maddie from this crazed stalker or will she protect herself? Is there anywhere that Maddie will be safe from this woman and her irrational belief that Luke is hers and hers alone? Is Maddie willing to fight for Lucas and their budding relationship or will her fears send her running away again or something far worse? Sometimes your fears about losing someone you love deeply can cause the greatest grief to those you love. But sometimes the strongest person is the one least expected to face their fears and make that walk through the fire for a love they never thought they would find.

Get prepared for the second half of Maddie and Lucas’s story.

This story is for 18+ readers only.

Part Two has intensely graphic sex scenes between a couple who have decided to let go of their inhibitions with a little chocolate cake (and of course, some milk), a little dancing, the strategic use of a kitchen table, some really incredible lingerie, and scarves. There is also the graphic retelling of sexual molestation by the heroine, which is central to her story and character background. If you are an incest or molestation survivor, this part of the story may be difficult for you. There is also a psychotic stalker after the heroine – just for kicks and because nothing in life can be easy when you fall in love and the whole world is watching.
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Jenny's Review
Bronte Nottingham continues the story of Maddie and Lucas in Part 2 of Scent of Lavender and she did not disappoint. We continue to see Maddie and Lucas grow as a couple and also grow within themselves. It was truly amazing to read. Some of the things that Maddie has gone through would've dropped most people to their knees and mad them give up hope but you see what amazing strength and courage she have, especially dealing with a psycho stalker (and the woman is grade-A certifiable crazy) who is out the destroy her. And lets not forget about Lucas. The man is determine to show Maddie all the love that she deserve and he does a fine job of it. His faith and love for her is awe-inspiring. With Lucas' faith and love for Maddie, she is able to open herself up in a way that she was never able to do. At times, it made me wish for my own personal Lucas. The sex scenes between Maddie and Lucas, I mean, if my kindle burst into flames while reading it, i would know why. They were H.O.T!!!!!!!

Bronte Nottingham is an amazing writer and you can tell that she invested a lot of time to tell Maddie and Lucas' story. It was great. I took my time reading the book because I just didn't want it to end. But when I finally finished, I had a huge smile on my face and just wanted to start it all over again. This story is about love, second chances, opening yourself and at the end of it loving who you are. If you don't read Bronte's book, you are really missing out on something truly amazing.

                                                                   About the Author
I'm an eccentric person according to my friends and family. I love history, and doing family history research. I'm the computer geek in my family. I love to read, write, and photography.

My music tastes run across the board, so do my reading and movie tastes. However, I am partial to Disney movies, esp. those old 60s-70s ones like Pete's Dragon, North Avenue Irregulars, Apple Dumpling Gang, Ugly Dachshund, and Freaky Friday. I guess if I was completely honest, then I would admit that I'm a Disney geek.

I have a grown daughter and was your typical nerdy band girl in high school. I live by myself and it's nice to finally be able to write down and put out the stories that I have carried around in my overactive imagination for years. It's nice to share them with others and I hope you enjoy them.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Market for Love by Jill Elaine Hughes


Heroine Miranda Johansson has had a very bad day. The strait-laced, ultraconservative stock-market analyst in Chicago’s LaSalle Street financial district just lost eighty-seven million dollars of her clients’ money in a massive stock-market implosion. And if that weren’t bad enough, she just had wild, no-holds-barred sex with a complete stranger on her coffee break----and that complete stranger turns out to be her new boss! Can Miranda get control of herself without losing her job, and her mind? Or will her sexy new boss completely derail her self-discipline, her stock portfolio, and her career? (Not to mention the sudden intrusion of his manipulative ex-girlfriend---a scheming, ruthless woman who controls half of Wall Street.)
Will Miranda survive the ups and downs of her new love life, which is just as volatile and unpredictable as the market? Or will her new romance go down the tubes along with the economy? Only time will tell.
Readers who are down and out about their trashed investment portfolios can pick up a copy of MARKET FOR LOVE and forget all about the economic downturn. Read the book, and have a little fun peeking inside the unseen world of the sexy young investment bankers who’ve been pushed to the edge along with everyone else.

Jenny's Review
***I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.***
Millions of money loss, hot sex with a stranger who turns out to be her boss, manipulative ex-girlfirend, hostile takeover, blackmail and did I mention HOT SEX. Market for Love by Jill Elaine Hughes has it all and then some. . Miranda is a straight-laced, conservative stock maket analyst who is at the beginning of the worst day of her life when she meet a stranger that she seduces during her coffee break. Turns out that stranger is her new boss Max. With Miranda's initial encounter with Max, her seamless normal life is turn upside down and changes Miranda in more ways then she every thought possible. 

I liked this book.The characters were well written and I was invested in their story.The book draws you in from the first page.  There are a lot of laughs, emotional ups and downs as well as some twist and turns throughout the story. There is one particular twist within involving Max that I did not see coming. Definitely a WTF moment while reading.  And it was great to see the dynamic between Miranda and Max while they navigate the feelings that they have for each other. I really enjoyed to fast-pace of the story. There really wasn't any dull moments.  A nice surprise and a great read.

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 About the Author

JILL ELAINE HUGHES is a professional journalist, playwright, memoirist, and fiction author. She has written for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, Washington Post, Cat Fancy magazine, New Art Examiner, and numerous other media outlets. Her plays have been widely published and produced by theaters in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, the United Kingdom, and Australia. She is also the author of several New Adult fiction books. Ms. Hughes also writes erotic fiction under two pen names: Jamaica Layne and Jay E. Hughes.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: Scent of Lavender - Part One: Scent of Love Series - Book One by Bronte Nottingham


Madalynn Melton is forty-something, overweight and unhappy. She’s unhappy with her life, her job, her body, and just everything about herself. She knows she’s capable of so much more, but she’s just not sure how to get there. Bored and unhappy after a shopping trip with her daughter, she walks into a pub and meets him. She can’t believe that he would even want to talk to her, much less dance with her. Her eyes are opened when she overhears his friend talking about her and her every fear about who she is and how others see her slaps her in the face. She runs out of the pub and becomes determined to be what she wants and stop wallowing in her own self-pity.

Lucas Greystone saw her the minute she walked into the pub and she fascinated him instantly. He is determined to keep his private and public life separate, so he doesn’t tell her that he is popular country singer, Luke Grey. He introduces himself and is planning to see the lovely woman again when his friend and manager opens his mouth and has Maddie running for the door and disappearing into the night and Lucas is sure he will never see her again.

Three years later, Lucas finds her again, but she has changed and so have her circumstances. This doesn’t change her appeal to him. Her curves and intelligence are just two of the things that attracted her to him. Lucas knows she probably wouldn’t want to see him, but maybe as Luke, he can get close to the woman he just wants a second chance with. Will time run out for him, when she finds out who he really is? And is there someone else who is determined to make sure that they never wind up together? What happens when a country singer with secrets and a romance writer running from her own fears try to start a relationship? You never know, but it does sound like an excellent beginning to a great country song....

Have fun and I hope you enjoy Maddie and Lucas’s love story.

This story is for 18+ readers only.

Part One is pretty tame with a couple of intensely graphic scenes that are sexual in nature between a couple who have their own hang-ups and fears about a relationship.

Jenny's Review
***I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.***
I absolutely loved this book!!!!! Bronte Nottingham wrote a story with characters that I could relate to. Maddie at times reminded me of myself. Maddie's insecurities, fears, doubt and not believing that someone can love her for who she is, is what a lot of women can relate to. But within her fears and doubts, there is a strength within her that is unmistakable, which is shown in a scene at a boutique she shopping at. She has amazing people surrounding her that see the best in her and are loyal and protective but she constantly have self doubt. I loved Luke!!!!! He was able to see Maddie the way that she was unable to. That she was someone special that deserve to be loved and cherished like anyone else. When he get the chance to see her again after that horrible night 3 years ago, he is determined to right the wrongs of that faithful night. The scene in the restroom between Luke and Maddie was hot!!!!!! And the dream Luke had about Maddie, WOW!!!!!! This book had the right about of emotional up and down that keeps the reader engaged and wondering what will happen next and hoping that everything will work out. I can't wait to read Part Two and see what else is in store for Luke and Maddie.

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About the Author

I'm an eccentric person according to my friends and family. I love history, and doing family history research. I'm the computer geek in my family. I love to read, write, and photography.

My music tastes run across the board, so do my reading and movie tastes. However, I am partial to Disney movies, esp. those old 60s-70s ones like Pete's Dragon, North Avenue Irregulars, Apple Dumpling Gang, Ugly Dachshund, and Freaky Friday. I guess if I was completely honest, then I would admit that I'm a Disney geek.

I have a grown daughter and was your typical nerdy band girl in high school. I live by myself and it's nice to finally be able to write down and put out the stories that I have carried around in my overactive imagination for years. It's nice to share them with others and I hope you enjoy them.

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Blog Tour: Beholden to You by Carlie Sexton


On the heels of tragic loss, the stunning and innocent Natalie Mason, meets handsome business mogul Mac Carter. As Natalie attempts to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, circumstances beyond her control draw her and Mac into a situation she wants kept secret. The two are a matched set having both experienced immense loss in their lives. Uncertain of what she should do, she decides to give fate a chance, opening her heart to Mac, who just wants to love her.

But the past, who often times takes no prisoners, rears its ugly head in a double dose. Mac’s ex-girlfriend cannot accept that their love affair is over and takes drastic measures through deception and blackmail to ensure that Mac will be hers.

Natalie, on the other hand, has to face the one responsible for her sister’s death. As her journey begins to bring justice and closure, the past transports to her feet an unexpected surprise—a long lost love desiring to posses her as his once again.

Will Mac and Natalie’s newly blossoming love be able to endure what the past has delivered or will the victors of their hearts be the old flames who are staking their claim?

Jenny's Review
***Received this ARC for my honest review***
This is the first book by Carlie Sexton and let me say that this will not be my last. I absolutely enjoyed this book. 

Natalie Mason has been through more loss and heartache than most people wouldn't be able to deal with. Mac Carter, having loss his parents knows how the loss can affect you and the people in your life. They are instantly drawn to each other, and after a wild night in Vegas has left them connected in a way they didn't expect but are not in a rush to get rid of.  Mac Carter takes the circumstance that they find themselves in to prove that he is the best person to help Natalie with her heartache and open her up to trusting again. And Natalie, although is a little on the defense of letting someone in, is willing to take a chance with Mac. I absolutely loved Mac. As Mac and Natalie journey begins together there are obstacles that are put in there way that make it hard for them stay together but Mac will stop at nothing to keep them together.

I loved the way that Carlie Sexton told the story of Mac and Natalie. It kept me engaged and very eager to find out how their story would end. There were parts of the story that dealt with Natalie and Mac's friends that gave a peek into their own stories and I wondered why the author didn't delved a bit more, then i found out this novel is a spin off from her Killer Next Door series (which was added to be TBR list immediately). 

The story was well written and kept you guessing what will happen next. But also made you root for Mac and Natalie because you so madly wanted them to have a happy ending. 

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About the Author:

I have always had a passion for reading my entire life. I love it so that I dedicated my life to educating children. As a teacher, I have had the profound pleasure of teaching children to read and explore their imaginations through a good book. Just recently I decided to write a story that had been on my mind. Now I have several that I want to turn into additional books. Writing has become a passion that I dearly love.

I live with my handsome husband in Southern California. We enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that California provides. We have two beautiful dogs, but no children.

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Review: Brie Learns the Art of Submission by Red Phoenix


** First published as the popular nine-part eBook serial, Brie Learns
the Art of Submission is now available as a full-length novel.

Join Brianna Bennett as she is introduced to the erotic world of submission...

Brie's life changes the day Sir comes to her tiny tobacco shop. His invitation to the Submissive Training Center is about to rock this young woman's world. The renowned school is famous for its elite submissive instruction. She has no idea what will be asked of her or the boundaries that will be pushed. One thing is certain: Brie is about to learn more about herself in six weeks than she has over the previous twenty-two years.

From formal classes, hands-on practicums and weekly auctions, Brie will confront her deepest fears and desires. In the process, she will also forge lifelong friendships with fellow submissives and fall for several of the Center's skilled Doms.

As graduation day approaches things begin to unravel, forcing Brie to make an unexpected choice of Master. Which Dom will ultimately earn her devotion and capture Brie's courageous heart?

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

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Jenny's Review

Wow, wow, wow!!!!! I absolutely loved this book. If you love D/s or BDSM books this should be a part of your collection. It was released first as a 9 part serial but it is a full length novel.

The book shows the journey of Brianna 'Brie' Bennett as she trains as a submissive. The book shows different level that is is pushed to find herself as a true submissive. Her interaction with different Dominants and Dommes, learning not only from her trainers about her needs, wants, desires and limits but also learning from her fellow submissive-in-training, Lea and Mary.

In her journey of she connects on emotional level with several dominants but there is one that she feel an unbreakable bonds but circumstances keeps them apart. A lot of the scenes throughout the novel is ridiculous hot. At times I had to take a minute to stop reading to calm down. Red Phoenix writing always you to emotionally connect with all the characters and the book flows beautifully.

I can wait to read the next book!

About the Author

Red Phoenix is an award-winning erotica author who gained popularity with her book, Brie Learns the Art of Submission. Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission: After Graduation is the second book in the series. She has won 3 reader choice awards at the Indie Romance Convention in 2013 for her various novels and continues to inspire couples with her writing.
Erotica is a delicious fantasy created to entice both the mind and the body ~Red
"I am a happily married woman who believes, based on personal experience, that love conquers all. It is a running theme in my writing. I love romance and I love good sex. It is a healthy combination in real life. My books focus on the love and lust shared by couples."
Red is a mother of three and wife to one. When she is not writing, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter interacting with fans. "I heart my fans!"

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Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Make Me Forget by Brandelyn Harris

Make Me Forget


*Inspired by true events*

Where do you turn when the ones who are supposed to love you most, hurt you?

When is enough, enough?

That is the exact question Chloe Evans had when she escaped her own personal hell that terrifying night. Even though the road to rebuilding her life has been tough, she's spent the last two years trying to mend her battered soul. Doubting that all her efforts are even worth it, she begins to feel she will forever be tied to the man who took everything away from her.

Ryder Matthews is the epitome of what most girls associate with perfection. With his good looks, bad boy persona, multiple tattoos and piercings he is every girl’s fantasy; every girl except Chloe Evans that is. Ryder sees Chloe as a that he's more than confident he will win.

We all have things in life we'd like to forget about. Some bigger than others. When Chloe uses college as her diversion to escape the memories will Ryder be able to make her forget?

About the Author:
Brandelyn Harris resides in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, teenage son, and furry friend. She can normally be found hiding away in her writing cave, blogging, eating Dove dark chocolate, drinking wine, or reading a steamy romance novel on her Kindle. Her love for reading and just recently writing started once she read the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey Series. Make Me Forget, Brandelyns’ debut novel is slated to be released early 2014.

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