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Review: Scent of Lavender - Part One: Scent of Love Series - Book One by Bronte Nottingham


Madalynn Melton is forty-something, overweight and unhappy. She’s unhappy with her life, her job, her body, and just everything about herself. She knows she’s capable of so much more, but she’s just not sure how to get there. Bored and unhappy after a shopping trip with her daughter, she walks into a pub and meets him. She can’t believe that he would even want to talk to her, much less dance with her. Her eyes are opened when she overhears his friend talking about her and her every fear about who she is and how others see her slaps her in the face. She runs out of the pub and becomes determined to be what she wants and stop wallowing in her own self-pity.

Lucas Greystone saw her the minute she walked into the pub and she fascinated him instantly. He is determined to keep his private and public life separate, so he doesn’t tell her that he is popular country singer, Luke Grey. He introduces himself and is planning to see the lovely woman again when his friend and manager opens his mouth and has Maddie running for the door and disappearing into the night and Lucas is sure he will never see her again.

Three years later, Lucas finds her again, but she has changed and so have her circumstances. This doesn’t change her appeal to him. Her curves and intelligence are just two of the things that attracted her to him. Lucas knows she probably wouldn’t want to see him, but maybe as Luke, he can get close to the woman he just wants a second chance with. Will time run out for him, when she finds out who he really is? And is there someone else who is determined to make sure that they never wind up together? What happens when a country singer with secrets and a romance writer running from her own fears try to start a relationship? You never know, but it does sound like an excellent beginning to a great country song....

Have fun and I hope you enjoy Maddie and Lucas’s love story.

This story is for 18+ readers only.

Part One is pretty tame with a couple of intensely graphic scenes that are sexual in nature between a couple who have their own hang-ups and fears about a relationship.

Jenny's Review
***I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.***
I absolutely loved this book!!!!! Bronte Nottingham wrote a story with characters that I could relate to. Maddie at times reminded me of myself. Maddie's insecurities, fears, doubt and not believing that someone can love her for who she is, is what a lot of women can relate to. But within her fears and doubts, there is a strength within her that is unmistakable, which is shown in a scene at a boutique she shopping at. She has amazing people surrounding her that see the best in her and are loyal and protective but she constantly have self doubt. I loved Luke!!!!! He was able to see Maddie the way that she was unable to. That she was someone special that deserve to be loved and cherished like anyone else. When he get the chance to see her again after that horrible night 3 years ago, he is determined to right the wrongs of that faithful night. The scene in the restroom between Luke and Maddie was hot!!!!!! And the dream Luke had about Maddie, WOW!!!!!! This book had the right about of emotional up and down that keeps the reader engaged and wondering what will happen next and hoping that everything will work out. I can't wait to read Part Two and see what else is in store for Luke and Maddie.

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I'm an eccentric person according to my friends and family. I love history, and doing family history research. I'm the computer geek in my family. I love to read, write, and photography.

My music tastes run across the board, so do my reading and movie tastes. However, I am partial to Disney movies, esp. those old 60s-70s ones like Pete's Dragon, North Avenue Irregulars, Apple Dumpling Gang, Ugly Dachshund, and Freaky Friday. I guess if I was completely honest, then I would admit that I'm a Disney geek.

I have a grown daughter and was your typical nerdy band girl in high school. I live by myself and it's nice to finally be able to write down and put out the stories that I have carried around in my overactive imagination for years. It's nice to share them with others and I hope you enjoy them.

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