Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Review: Karma by Nikki Sex


Sometimes love has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with karma…

Marcy Paget worked full-time putting her husband through University. When he finally became a success, he dumped her for a trophy wife more than ten years younger, leaving Marcy to raise their four year old daughter on her own.

Even though Marcy knows she is better off alone than with a cheating husband who doesn't love her, she is still struggling to make ends meet.

When an ethical dilemma presents itself she makes a choice - never realizing the incredible karmic chain of events that will follow her decision. . .

Jenny's Review

Karma is my first Nikki Sex story and I really enjoyed it. Marcy is a woman who is struggling. She is a single mother was has been mentally and emotionally abused by her ex-husband, Trent,  that have left her feeling down on herself. Believing what her ex-husband have said about her. Her choice leads her in the path of the charismatic André Chevalier, who takes it upon himself to change her life, for the better. Presented with a new job offered by André , she has to choose to stay in the position and life that she is used to or take a leap of faith which will change her life. When she decides on taking André offer,  she meet Martin Thompson, the head of security for Andre. With this encounters starts a story that  show what can happen when one decision can have a ripple affect that can change your life forever.

It's a great story. It shows Marcy learning to take control of her life. Opening up to her sexuality and opening herself up to a new relationship. That with one decision everything can change. I loved Martin. He is willing to take him time with Marcy. And the immediate connection that he has with Marcy daughter warmed my heart. I really like that the book focused on  a couple in their 30's. The problems that Marcy faces are very realistic. My only problem that I had is that they cut what happens to Marcy's ex-husband.There were parts in the book that they established that he was a big douche with well written scenes and then at the end, it kind of wrapped it up. I wanted to know the details of his confrontation with his new wife's father.There is no cliffhanger and a HEA.

All in all I recommend this book. It was a great read and I think that you will enjoy the change for all the new adult books that are out now.

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About the Author:

Hey there, I'm Nikki Sex!

I write sexy contemporary romance, often involving a bit of kink. I'm also a sucker Happy Ever After endings, so no matter how dark my stories get, fear not! It always all works out.

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