Saturday, September 14, 2013

Book Review: Surrender

When was the last time you read a book that you completely loved but also completely pissed you off? OMG I am so mad at the ending of this book.

Please be forewarned: This book leaves off with a MAJOR cliffhanger.

Surrender is book 1 of a 4 book series and book 4 is not out yet. I’m not even going to bother with the others until the last book is done and available. I feel like I should have done some more research before jumping in and becoming so attached so I’m passing this information on to anyone I can.

Now that I’ve prefaced my review, you can probably comprehend why I just can’t read anymore until a conclusion to the story is available. Surrender's story is AWESOME!

It revolves around Arianna and Raff, two people from completely different worlds, and a business proposition. Raff wants a mistress and he’s willing to hire one like a legitimate employee. When Arianna is put in a financial and emotional bind, she applies for the position but refuses to be his personal prostitute.

The subsequent cat and mouse chase had me reading until late in the night. I couldn’t stop reading and wanting to find out who comes out the winner.

Author Melody Anne really takes the reader on a rollercoaster. My emotions were so confused by Raff. One minute I really liked him and couldn’t wait for him and Arianna to get together. Then within 2 pages I was cursing him out and wishing he would just leave her alone so she can try to live her life.

This rollercoaster is a victory for Anne as the reader becomes so invested in the high points and seeing these two fall for each other and fight it after each encounter only to do it again and again.

There were some really crazy things that happen to Ari and Raff and they both have friends and family who can see the potential in a relationship but sometimes Anne takes the story a bit too far to the left in order to make Raff look like the upstanding gentleman he is on the inside. Some of it I felt was unnecessary and facetious but the strong romance and sex scenes make up for it.

It’s a great story but the ending was a major flaw in my opinion. I’m sure the author knows what she’s doing with these stories but instead of making me run out and buy the next book, it makes me want to wait until the fourth book comes out November 11, 2013. Also the minor plot issues I had with some of the situations Ari encounters caused me to fall out of the suspension of disbelief and stop connecting with the story.

Overall I am rating Surrender with 3 stars but once Scorched comes out, I’ll revisit Surrender and give a rating for all 4 books in the series.

For more information about other series from Melody Anne and the Surrender Series, check her page here.

Purchase the books available in the Surrender Series below (Surrender is still free!):


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